Writing 2014-06-05

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Larrikan explains, “You will have to do some traveling by yourselves, and there are so many thing to be careful of the road which are so different from where you seem to have come from.  She, as is the nature of most foxes, has traveled a lot, and should know all sorts of useful things.”  He seems quite relieved he won’t have to spend as much time convincing Vash this is a good idea as he did convincing the foxes she was traveling with.

Vash nods politely at Larrikan and says, “I think that’s a great idea, yeah.”  Only his sudden, clear interest in his tankard suggests this is anything but true.

Sakura reclaims Larrikan, snuggling up close, while Feina tries to talk everyone out of words, and most dance or drink.  She and Larrikan both sip at the mighty tankards and sit together and watch the crowd.

At one point, Sakura tells Larrikan, “Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

He replies, “This way, I will worry about you less.”  He adds, “She’s a good fox, too.  She’s Aedaith’s little sister.  I don’t know if Aedaith will ever forgive me, though.”  He picks up his tankard, considers it, then takes a drink.  He comments, “Probably, once she realizes she and Bandé will be able to travel alone.”

Sakura turns her head to press a quick, chaste kiss to Larrikan’s lips, and tells him, “You’re very sweet.  I will miss you terribly.”

Larrikan nods, and looks a little glum, saying, “Oh, I’m going to miss you too, Sakura.”  He looks like he might have said more, but does not.  He seems worried she won’t come back.

Others drink and dance.  The foxes just watch.

After a while, the music and noise stops being entertaining, and just seems noisy.  Larrikan asks Sakura, “Would you like to go home, where it’s quiet?”

She nods at him, and says, “Yes, please.”

On the walk home, still close enough to hear a hint of the Gather, Sakura comes to a dead stop, still holding Larrikan’s hand firmly.  She waits until he turns to find out why she’s stopped.  When he turns to see her smiling confidently at him.  She says, simply, “I’m coming back.”

Larrikan smiles, and looks at Sakura for a long moment in the moonlight before he says, “Am I that obvious?”  His smile fades after a moment, and he says, “I hope so, Sakura.  I…”  He trails off, full of feelings but lacking words.  He is unsure he should go on.

Larrikan relaxes into Sakura’s arms, as she steps forward and embraces him.  She tells him she is happy here, happier than she can recall being.  She doesn’t want to go, but must take care of this responsibility.  She ends with, “I will come back to you.”

Her clear honestly melts the last of his fear, and he confesses, “I never expected to find someone as beautiful or exotic as you who didn’t have the same insatiable desire for travel as most foxes.  I’ve been trying not to think too hard that it might last, so it hurts less when you move on, as so many others have.”

Sakura beams up at Larrikan, “Why would I travel?  You’re here, not out there?”

Larrikan bends to give Sakura a gentle kiss, and replies with the argument he’s heard so many times before, “Why would you stay here?  There’s a whole world to see.”

Her reply is the most wonderful thing he has ever heard, “Larrikan, the rest of the world holds no interest for me if you’re not in it.”


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