Writing 2014-06-02

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Sakura recovers from the big troll’s hug pretty quickly, but Larrikan has to sit down for a moment and catch his breath.

Sakura sits next to him, and asks, “Feeling okay?”

Larrikan nods and catches his breath.  While he does so, the conversation moves to who will be going with the trolls.

Hallifred says, “Have three trucks, lots room.  All come?”

Blue tells everyone she should stay for finals.

Larrikan looks glum at this and says, “I should stay, too.”  he adds, mostly to Sakura, “I’m sorry.”
Everyone is very understanding.

Annifred also needs to stay and finish the school year.

As plans get made, Larrikan sits and thinks glum thoughts.

Larrikan moves closer to Sakura and slides an arm around her.  She senses he’s unhappy, and snuggles up with him.

Thoughts tumble through Larrikan’s mind.  He worries that the spacefarers mean well but have no idea how the world works.  He recalls Vash’s fight with redcaps.  Yes, Vash killed one.  Yes, the poison didn’t seem to harm him… but he should have known better.

What else might they not know?

Worse, when Sakura gets back to her ship, will she realize how much she gives up to stay here?  Will she be back among the comforts of her very alien home, and want to stay there?

Will he lose her that way?

Larrikan knows she has to go, though.  The drake was furious about the damage the lost ship could do, and rightly so.  They have to go find it.

He wants to go with her.  He would face the risk, and the challenge to help and protect her.  But if he does that, will he be able to come back to University, or will Coldwillow have had enough of the wandering and shoo him away?

Must he trade one life’s goal and need for another?

He tells himself, “I’m supposed to be an Elder.  To be able to solve problems.  Let’s think it out.”

They really need a local guide.  I can’t do it.  I can’t ask the trolls – they’re doing enough already.  Who else can I ask?”

A thought occurs to Larrikan.  He pauses to nuzzle Sakura’s cheek a moment before he says, “I’ll be right back.  There’s something I need to do.”  He darts off toward a group of foxish folks in the crowd.

“Aedaith!” Larrikan says, finding her, before the next dance swallows her up.

She smiles and hugs him, “Lar!  Is your nice Sakura with you?”

He returns the hug, and pulls Aedaith over to a mostly Shy Folk section of the Gather and says, “No… And she has to go on a trip, without me.  That’s why I wanted to talk to you.”

“I can’t go with her,” Aedaith says, “Bandé and I have made plans.”

Larrikan nods and asks, “What about your sister?”

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