Writing 2014-05-23

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The crewmembers, Larrikan, and Kawaii went up into the dryad tree used by the flyers, and met the drake.  She glided sinuously down from the canopy where she was sunning herself, and asks politely enough, “Is there something I can help you with?”

Sakura and Douglas both freeze as what appears to be a dragon climbs out of the branches on to the deck.  Kawaii squeals and hides behind Sakura, peering out from under her long skirts.

Larrikan only gives the piglet an envious look, but stands his ground.  He knew there was a drake on campus.  She is just impressive to meet in person.  This is what he tells himself, anyway.

The drake talks to Kerry, “Oh!  It’s you.  And you can talk now!”

Kerry bows and introduces everyone, and explains they have translators and are foreigners.

Larrikan listens to the bat tell the drake who they are, and tries to be invisible.  They talk pleasantly about the crazy trolls and their crashed machine – the drake’s movements, while casual, are lightning fast.

The drake introduces herself as Schnel’pkebaov’qkgard’dow.  Larrikan is surprised how much trouble the others have with it; it is long, but quite memorable.  At least she doesn’t have two equally long clans.

Vash arrives and is introduced.  The drake is pleased to make his acquaintance as well.

Kerry finally gets around to the point of their visit, and asks about maps.  Everyone retreats to the classroom below to look at the stored maps there.

That retreat consists of drake and bat leaping off the platform and gliding to the ground, leaving the others to take the stairs.

Larrikan had inhaled sharply when the drake took off, and seems bothered on the way down the stairs.  He’s not even admiring the vixen’s tail on the stairs.

Vash notices, and nudges Larrikan gently, asking, “You gonna be all right?”  You look a little green, hey?”

Larrikan comments to Vash, sounding shaken, “I don’t know about you, sir, but I’m not used to talking to more than one carnivorous monster a day.”  He gives the armadillo an appraising look and adds, “I don’t know how you are all staying so calm.”

Vash grins lopsidedly and claps the fox lightly on the shoulder, “Culture shock.  I’m sure when I get home I’ll realize what I’ve been doing and burst into tears.  But for right now, it’s all quite interesting.”

Larrikan stumbles under the armadillo’s hearty shoulder-clap.  He says, “Yes, sir.”  He doesn’t sound reassured.

Sakura nods at Vash, “Agreed… we’re all just too amazed to be anything but… well… amazed.”

Vash grins and says, “Trust me.”

Sakura grabs Larrikan’s paw in her own and smiles at him, “C’mon…”  She pulls him towards the classroom.

As Larrikan is pulled along, he realizes, “A beautiful vixen is leading you into a conversation with a monster, after having a different, famous monster read her mind.  She’s not afraid of anything!  What a woman!”

The drake is asking what they are looking for.  Kanjerkan is a small hamlet.  The maps only show two landing zones.  The answer as to what they are looking for upsets the drake.  Considerably.

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