Writing 2014-05-22

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The sphinx laughs loudly at Larrikan’s statement and concern, clearly enjoying the irony.  She tells the worried fox, “Relax, fox.  I won’t hurt you for what you couldn’t know.”

The sphinx suggests they go someplace cool and talk this out.  The wind up in the sphinx’s home/office, a place Larrikan isn’t entirely comfortable being.  Sure, she hasn’t eaten a student in years, and he was invited, but still, it is a somewhat worrying place to be.

None of the flour visitors seem upset, even when they let the big monster read their dreams.

Both Douglas and Sakura had frightening dreams.  Larrikan can tell how much Sakura was worried by hers, and was impressed by the deft skill the sphinx used to explain it, and how she quickly reassured Sakura.

The whole process was worrying to watch, although Larrikan found the sphinxes queasiness after the bat’s dream somewhat reassuring.  There is something that will bother this otherwise overwhelming person!

At one point, the sphinx makes a comment regarding Sakura and Douglas’ related dreams, adding, “Keep your mind out of the gutter, Larrikan.”  He froze, unsure if she was in his head, or just accurately teasing.  He hopes it is the latter, as there are a couple of things in his head that shouldn’t get out.  He worries for a moment, but realizes that thought would be an easy guess.

After all the dreams are read, and the crew has news of who interfered with their quest – Drekaris, a local warlord – and they leave, Sakura smiles reassuringly at Larrikan.  He takes her hand, and forces the worry away, flicking his ears up and smiling.  He tells her, “That was very brave of you.”  He is clearly afraid of the immortal, and thinks the crew very brave or very foolish.

Sakura laughs, and tells her fox-friend, “You must be kidding, Larrikan!  I was terrified!”

Kerry suggests they go look at a map of Drekaris’ territory.  Vash needs a few minutes, but the others follow the bat to the flyers’ tree.

Larrikan has never visited the flyers before, although he knows where it is.  It is a big dryad-tree with a long, low classroom built near the base, and a set of stairs cunningly tied to the tree.  None of the stairs are nailed in, all are supported by a latticework of ropes, almost tree macramé.  It is impressive, and won’t bother the tree.

Kerry, once it is clear the classroom is empty, heads right up the stairs.  The others follow, carefully.  Kawaii particularly does not like the plants with their slight give as they ascent.

At the top, everyone admires the view for a bit, and the wreck of a trollish ornithopter on the ground below.

Sakura asks Larrikan if he’ll help read maps, and he’ll try.  That turns out not to be needed as Kerry’s call for the dryad finds someone else.

This is a little drake.  She’s only about eight feet long, plus the twelve-foot tail and fifteen foot wings.  She is a rich leaf green, with gold along her crest from head to tail.

And she breathes fire.

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