Writing 2014-05-18

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Larrikan, both having gotten rid of one of Sakura’s cohorts, and guaranteed his safety, looks to the others.  He tells Vash, “Blue, the artist, has class in that room.  Her class ends at noon.  I’m sure she would be happy to see you.”

Sakura translates, and the armadillo smiles a silly grins.  He, via Sakura, thanks the fox, and says something that makes Sakura blush most attractively.

Two down, two to go.  Larrikan thinks quickly, and says, “The lamia will be back at the Silver Egg, or perhaps one of the flyers would talk to the flappy one.”  Sakura grins at Larrikan’s description of Kerry, and translates.

Kerry is interested, and wants to know more.  Larrikan gives directions, and Sakura relays them, and makes sure Kerry knows how to get back to the Silver Egg.  He leaves happily.

Larrikan can’t think of anything for a piglet to do, so simply assumes the little guy will be tagging along.  All this means is that Larrikan had better not hurt or upset the nice vixen.  Since those things are the farthest thing from his mind, he suspects there will be no problem.

He steps up close to Sakura, and slides an arm around her waist, and murmurs to her, “I would be most pleased to spend the rest of the day with you.”

Sakura smiles up at Larrikan, and tells him, “Thank you for the kind offer, Larrikan.  I believe I’ll take you up on it.”

While the others go off on their own, or with new friends, Larrikan leads Sakura across the campus.  She is rubbernecking, trying to take everything in at once.  He lets her look for a while, finally asking, “Would you like to see something beautiful?”

She blushes, just a little at her ear tips, when he adds, “Nearly as beautiful as you.”

Sakura sighs happily, and says, “This whole place is beautiful… but I would love to see what you have in mind…”
The fox smiles, “I’m happy to take you anywhere you like.”  Larrikan leads her along a stream, past the edge of town, and into the forest.  The piglet follows, apparently at ease with Larrikan’s choice of direction.

Larrikan leads them to a grassy hillside, overlooking a little waterfall.  It is a sunny spot, kept pleasant by the water.  Larrikan finds a grassy, sunny spot to sit, and pats the space next to him, asking, “Would you like to rest and watch a bit before we go back?”

Sakura settles next to him and leans against him.  She says, “Yes, I’d like to stay for a while.”

Larrikan lets the sun warm them for a quarter hour or so before he nuzzles gently at one of Sakura’s ears.  Sakura’s eyes slip shut in contentment, and she lets out a quiet, “Mmmm.”

Kaiwaii, who has been snuffling about by the water’s edge, takes one wary step towards the foxes, but Sakura’s reaction doesn’t make him think action is required, so he goes back to interesting smells.

Larrikan doesn’t do anything more than nuzzle and bask in Sakura’s exotic scent.  Another nice little time passes before he suggests, “It is getting into mid-afternoon.  Would you like to go find some supper?  And perhaps dancing?”  The last is delivered with his most winning smile.

Sakura nods, “Dinner would be wonderful… bur dancing would be even better.  You’re such a good dancer.”

“It helps,” Larrikan says with a smile, “When I have a lovely partner to inspire me.”

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