WebGUI: A Perl replacement for WordPress

I’ve been watching the YAPC::NA presentations, and saw a mention of this Kickstarter:


This is a project to help get a system written in Perl to compete with WordPress.  There is an existing system that’s close, all it needs is time, energy, and developers.  It sounds like there’s a great core there, but it’s lost the commercial support it had before, and the one developer can’t go it alone.

The Kickstarter is to try and fund some key work on it, and make it more accessible and as easy to get started as WordPress.

Sadly, the Kickstarter’s getting close to no traction, and that makes it look kind of bleak.

Here’s a signal boost; have a look at the system, read the page (the video has lots of good stuff, but it’s a little wordy) and consider supporting this useful development.

If you can’t support the Kickstarter, maybe you have time to help them get the major new release unblocked and keep it from sinking into the murk of obscurity.

At the end of the video, they point out that a hundred people giving a hundred dollars each will fund it, and get it over some of these hurdles.  A thousand people giving ten dollars each would work just as well.



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  1. Kaare Rasmussen says:

    Hi Scott

    While I support you in the wish for a serious Perl CMS, I doubt that WebGUI is the answer. Things may have changed, granted, but when I last checked the code some years ago, it was too much Old Perl.

    I believe for a Perl CMS to capture the interest of skilled developers, it’s got to be Modern Perl, including Plack, Moose, Web::Machine, etc-

    I think there may be a lot to be learned from WebGUI, but the code just feels old.

    • Laufeyjarson says:

      I’m not Scott, and don’t even know him, so may not be the best person to reply. I just wanted to get his Kickstarter in front of a few more people, because I thought it was a good thing.

      These are really good concerns, but from what the details of the Kickstarter say, I think they’re outdated.

      There’s apparently an as-yet-unreleased version 8 of WebGUI, “8 was a massive modernization effort that reworked core to use Moose, Plack, Try::Tiny, and cleaned things up.”

      Sounds like it’s better than it was, and maybe deserves another look.

  2. ggl says:

    Check out PearlBee. Uses Dancer2 and Plack. Modern enough for ya?

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