Writing 2014-04-26

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“Thank you!” says Larrikan, even has he heads to town.  The Courthouse is easy to see, as there is a crowd of people outside.  Larrikan ghosts up to the edge of the crowd, listening.

What he can hear is that there are several angry humans who are demanding that someone do something or tell them something.  He begins to work his way through the crowd more forcefully, pressing close to people to slip between them, with a quiet but firm, “Pardon me.”  Many people see it’s a Shy Folk and let him by; his kin are up front.

There are two trolls sitting at the door to the Courthouse, blocking it and keeping what happens inside from being any more crowded.  One of the trolls is one of the older stony looking trolls.  Larrikan recognizes him and says, “Sighvat!  What’s happening!  Are my kinfolk in there?”

The older troll looks at Larrikan, and grins at him, a slow smile in recognition, “Aye, lost Fox, kinfolk inside.  Young human boy lost, found hurt.  Parents out for blood.  Blaming Shy Folk.  Others want Shy Folk show who build trap.  Shy Folk want stay out of it.”

Larrikan is getting used to troll accents, and doesn’t have to untangle that.  He says, “Blaming Shy Folk?  We would never do that!”

“Everybody but parents agree,” Sighvat says, “but not satisfy anger.  Want a scapegoat.”

“Where are the dryads?” asks Larrikan.

“Dämeteakfrau inside, trying to help,” replies the other troll, “Not seen others.”

“Right,” says Larrikan, and works his way out again.  Once free of the crowd, he races to Aykchenhause.

As he expected, the door to the inn is open, but the place is nearly empty.  He calls, “Aykuhbowmedchen!  Please help!”

Larrikan only paces for a moment before the dryad steps out of the wall.  She asks, “Are you all right?”

Larrikan gives her a hug, and tells her, “I’m okay, but things are getting out of hand.”

“I know,” Aykuh says, “I was in the Courthouse.”

Larrikan asks, “Is it time to call for the Duke?  Before any higher justice is required?”

“Yes,” Aykuh tells him, “Eichemädchen has gone to find some Nobility.”

“Oh, good,” Larrikan replies.  “Is there anything you need me for?  Agh or Locha was asking for me.”

Aykuh tells him, “Tell the door guard, and he should let you in.  Go help them.”

Larrikan thanks her, and goes to do so.  Sighvat does let him in; the big troll picks Larrikan up and lifts him past, rather than moving.  Larrikan thanks him automatically.

When he gets inside, Larrikan goes to the two Elders in the middle of the group.  He knows several of the humans, and thinks they look unhappy.  The couple in traveling clothes who are ranting at the Shy Folk must be the upset parents.

Locha is growling at them, her ears pinned, and teeth bared, saying “Why should I do something for you after what you did?”

Agh isn’t talking.  Larrikan is horrified to discover it is because he has a badly broken muzzle.

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