Writing 2014-04-20

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Larrikan smiles, and says, “I’m sure she would be pleased to hear that.”

This makes Valter smile a little, and he is quiet a moment, apparently thinking about Ysolde and enjoying the idea she would be pleased he had learned.  This passes, and a cloud comes over his face.  He tells Larrikan, “I wanted to tell you to steer clear of my Dad.  He’s pissed, and could take it out on you.”

Larrikan grins, and replies, “Have no fear of that.  He made his opinion clear, and I’m all too happy to stay out of his way.”

Valter shakes his head and says, “No, not just you.  All Shy Folk.”  He pauses and says, “I shouldn’t tell you this, but he used to talk about setting traps for Shy Folk, and other non-humans.  I think he angry enough to do something like that.”

Larrikan frowns, and his ears flick back before he gets them under control.  He says, “I’ll be careful.  And I’ll pass the word.  That’s a dangerous thing to consider.  Who know what he’ll anger?”

Valter nods and says, “I know.  A trap big enough to catch a Shy Folk would also catch a human.  He’s angry enough, I don’t think he cares who else might get hurt.”

“Or a bogle, a hag, or a shambler.  A bogle would play dead till Fulk came to check the trap, then kill him,” suggests Larrikan, “It is not a good plan.  I’ll be careful.  I hope Fulk is, too.”

“I should have thought of that,” Valter adds.  He looks even more horrified.

Larrikan says, “Hopefully there won’t be too many close to town.  I’ll put word out, and we’ll take care of it.”  He doesn’t mention who “we” is.

Valter says, “I just wanted to make sure you knew.”

“Thank you for the warning!” Larrikan tells him, “It is a big help.”

Later, Larrikan goes to Dämeteakfrau and tells her of this possibility.  She is angry, which is highly unusual for a dryad.  Usually a long enough term outlook means they keep their tempers pretty well, but Dämeteakfrau is visibly upset, and speaks sharply, “If he puts others at risk, we’ll se this nonsense is stopped.

The plan becomes for several of the outdoor helpers, who are sturdy, to circle the area of Fulk’s farm.  This means he’ll have trolls lurking nearby.  If nothing shows up in a week, they’ll scale back.

Larrikan asks permission to circle the farm and leave Shy Folk warning signs.  Dämeteakfrau tells him, “No, stay entirely away.  If you want warning signs, teach me, or one of the trolls, and we’ll do it.  I do not want to risk your getting caught in something.”

This is how Larrikan found himself teaching a troll-woman called Annifred some of the Shy Folk secrets.  He worried about that for a little while, but decided teaching a troll how to set, “Warning!  Danger!  Stay Out” messages could only be good.  He hopes the Elders agree.

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