Writing 2014-04-19

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Larrikan tries to settle back in to his successful pattern after the Gather.  Several things work against him there.  Many of the students had interesting experiences with Shy Folk at the Gather.  Some of the students seem to want more, and Larrikan isn’t in the mood to oblige.  Others want the training and don’t seem to understand Larrikan’s refusal for not being trained as a trainer.  These lead to some awkward moments.  Larrikan is grateful none of his immediate roommates make an issue of it.

The rest of the student body is all a-twitter with some rumors, though.  Mangled variants of Fulk’s interaction seem to be everywhere.  Larrikan tries to stay out of the discussions and hopes some new salacious event will distract the rumor mill.

Larrikan is now scheduled for more classes.  This is a bigger concern and time consumer for the young Shy Folk.  Not only does he have to attend the classes, he has new books to read, and is expected to write papers.  While he has been studying hard, he finds this slow going.  Sleep loses to schoolwork.

It is just a few days in to the new schedule when Larrikan runs into Valter.  He turns to go, hoping to move off before Valter sees him, but is too slow.

Valter greets Larrikan with a tired, “Hello, Larrikan.”

Trapped by politeness, Larrikan replies, “Hello, Valter.”  There is a long quiet moment where no one speaks.  Larrikan breaks the silence with, “How are your new classes?”

“Not too bad, yet,” Valter replies.  He adds, “I… I wanted to apologize for all the shit I gave you before.”

Larrikan smiles, and replies, “Thank you.  Apology accepted, and I appreciate it a lot.”

Valter nods.  He says, “I never thought about it.  I just believed what Dad told me.  It didn’t take long to realize I didn’t really know, and finding out wasn’t very scary.”

“You learned,” Larrikan tells him, “which is good.”  He adds, “Is your father still angry with you?”

“He threw me out,” Valter admits, “and says if I ever darken his doorstep again, he’ll kill me.  I think he is exaggerating.  But I don’t feel like finding out the hard way.”

“That’s terrible!” exclaims Larrikan, for whom a clan outcasting is a dire fate indeed.  He asks, “Will your other clan take you in?”

Valter smiles an ironic smile, and says, “I understand enough to know what you mean by that now.”  He also answers, “Maybe.  One of my uncles – one of Mom’s brothers – has told me to come see him if Dad doesn’t cool down.  I’m living in the dorms for a while, and hopefully Dad will calm down.”

“I’m so sorry to hear this has upset your family so,” Larrikan tells Valter.  “I noticed you go talk to Ysolde and didn’t think anything would come of it.”

Valter shrugs, “I could have said no or left any time.  I didn’t want to.  I learned more than she expected that day, I think.”

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