Writing 2014-04-08

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Larrikan is surprised by the other Shy Folk.  He asks Aykuh, “Do you know who that was?”

Aykuh says, “The Prince?  Her name is Tarlinniel, and she helps the Queen with things.”

“No,” Larrikan says, “the dog fox who was over there.”

“No,” answers Aykuh, “I don’t.  I thought you would be the only Shy Folk here.  Do you know?”

Larrikan replies, “Maybe.  I thought he was just a story.  I sort of hope he is just a story.”

“Hmm,” Aykuh says, “There really is no such thing as “just a story” here.  Why don’t we take you home before we meet anything to hard to deal with?”

“Good idea,” Larrikan agrees.

Aykuh carefully picks Larrikan up, discovering exactly how he is still hurt, and steps into the trunk of her tree.  She emerges into one of the rooms of the inn.  It, as she knew it would be, is empty.  Settling Larrikan on the bed, Aykuh goes off to find him some food and collect news.

Hotspur happily provides both of those things.  It has been two weeks since Aykuh took Larrikan away and many will be happy to see him return alive if not well.

During that two weeks, the weather has relented, and the unending, bitter cold has let go, letting thing start to thaw.  Larrikan gets taken back to Barrow Hall, where he has several visitors.  All of his roommates are thrilled to see him.  His stories of what happened seem vague and incomplete to everyone, leaving them vaguely disappointed.

Coldwillow comes and asks a lot of questions that seem odd to Larrikan.  He answers them, and she is satisfied that he is not going to go insane and attack anyone.

Larrikan’s biggest worry is that he will be well enough to make the rade.  He is, just.  He hobbles there on crutches, whistling the charm.  He manages to play his fiddle for the fey crowd, and he hobbles out to dance.  This is approved of, wildly, by several fae.  It takes him a full day to recover from the rade, but once done, he returns to classes.

Class has progressed without him, and he has to study hard to pass his exams.  He does so, though.

Just after exams, classes pause.  Many of the students will need to spend time at home, planting.  Larrikan is almost entirely recovered, and is singing at Aykchenhause when a group of six Shy Folk enter.

There is a moment of quiet, until a local says, “Friends of yours, Larrikan?” and people chuckle.

The chuckle turns to approval and welcoming laughter when he replies, “Family, actually!  My Grandmother and cousins!”

A space is made for the weary travelers, and food and ale brought.

Larrikan packs up his violin and greets the newcomers with proper hugs, etc.


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