Writing 2014-04-07

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Aykuhbowmedchen freezes for a moment, then cries, “Larrikan!” and gives the fox a hug.

When he says, “Ow!” Aykuh worries she had forgotten he was fragile and had broken him.  She lets him go, gently, and says, “No, this is the Queen’s realm – what the humans usually call ‘Elfland’.”

Larrikan tries to sit up, but says, “Ow.” and stops.  He contents himself with lying there in the dryad’s lap, but looking around.  Since he is looking, he and Aykuh both see the tall human figure walking out of the woods at the same time.

The androgynous figure is tall, thin, wearing a long, tailored robe or gown, which follows the contours of their upper body but swings loose at the hips and around the legs.  Their face is serene and unlined, but their ice-blue eyes give the impression of having watched ages pass.

When Aykuh sees who it is, she begins trying to untangle herself from Larrikan.  The approaching person say, in a musical, somewhat deep voice unexpected from so slight a person, “Stay, child.  No need to disturb your hurt friend any more.”

Aykuh stops moving, and tries a seated bow.  She says, respectfully, “Yes, your Highness.”  Larrikan, unsure of protocol, and somewhat immobile, guesses what to do, and tries to at least bow his head respectfully.

The elven prince (noble?) settles gracefully next to Larrikan and reaches out to stroke the prone fox gently.  The elf’s long, pale fingers trace over Larrikan’s ears, down his cheek, and over his shoulder.  When Larrikan glances at the elf, there is an amused smile on its face.  Finally, the elf says, “It has been a long time since one of your kind had so much of the Queen’s attention.”

Larrikan says, “I’m sorry.  I didn’t intend to be a burden.”

The half-smile lingers on the elf’s face, and it asks, “What did you intend, little fox?”

“I was trying to save the dryad from the University,” explains Larrikan, “I couldn’t let her be crushed.”

“You did save her.” the elf says, “And she has saved you.”

Larrikan replies, “I will thank her next time I see her.”

The elf says to Larrikan, “You will see her again.”  To Aykuh, the elf says, “Take this one home, and help him heal.  He is more important than he knows.”

“Yes, your Highness.” Aykuh replies.

The elf stands, and says, “Be safe.  You have a large part to play.”  Those words spoken, it turns and walks off, vanishing into the dream-forest.

A Shy Folk dog fox watches this from a short distance.  When noticed, he gives a toothy, feral grin, waves jauntily, and steps silently into the trees.

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