Writing 2014-03-29



The Wise Woman tells Larrikan he is not to work in the dining hall until his hand has healed.  She gives him a note – which he can read most of! – telling the administrator this.

Larrikan gives the note to the hall manager, who is grumpy about it, but agrees.  Larrikan is told to tell Ahornbaumädchen he needs a new temporary assignment, “You have to do your share!”

When Larrikan goes to Ahornbaumädchen’s office, he finds Mat and tad working industriously at their desks.  Both of them seem to be working diligently, and trying to look unobtrusive.  Larrikan sees this and lets them be.

Ahornbaumädchen is there, speaking with Dämeteakfrau.  Larrikan waits quietly for them to finish, lingering near the door and trying not to eavesdrop.

He does not wait long, because the administrator waves him over, smiling, and asks, “Hello, Larrikan.  What brings you here?”

Larrikan explains.  When he tells the two dryads he his hurt, they both look appalled and want to know if it happened in the dining hall.

“Oh no!  It was my own doing, and a misunderstanding!” Larrikan explains.  The two dryads are terribly amused by the whole story.

A moment later Dämeteakfrau says, “Wait… Larrikan, do you know the Shy Folk forest charms?”

“Of course,” assures Larrikan.

” Ahornbaumädchen!” chides Dämeteakfrau, “Why ever have you got a Shy Folk working in the kitchens when I can use his help on the grounds?”

Ahornbaumädchen replies, “I was hoping it would give him more chance to interact and acclimate to humans, but if you can use his talents better, he is all yours.”

“Excellent!” answers, Dämeteakfrau.  She tells Larrikan, “Come find me tomorrow after your classes, and we’ll find better things for you to do!”

Larrikan thanks the dryads, and takes his leave.  Both Mat and Tad give the fox looks he cannot read.

The next afternoon Larrikan leaves his classroom, and begins wandering the nearby forest, looking for Dämeteakfrau.  As he wanders, he sings the old Shy Folk chants, bringing peace, order, and health to the forest he passes through.  It feels like there is a lot of that to be done in this area, and he takes his time, singing and cleaning up little problems as he goes.

It isn’t long before he finds the dryad.  She is lounging against the trunk of a tree, basking in the sun.  Larrikan walks over to her and sits at her feet, carefully not blocking her sunbeam.

The dryad smiles, and holds out her hand, saying, “Come here.”

Larrikan does; he has nothing to fear from this dryad.  She takes his hand, and pulls him to the ground, cuddling up to him, both of them in her sunny spot.  She says, “Nice fuzzy fox.” and relaxes there with him for a few minutes, enjoying the warm fur and sun.

Before too long, she says, “You are already doing what needs to be done.  Work your charms around the campus.  If you need help, find me, and we will get some.”

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