Writing 2014-03-21



The Queen listens to this song, to the craftiness and bravery, and thinks about it for several minutes.  It may be the longest Larrikan has seen one of the pixies be quiet, still, and awake.  Larrikan lets her think.

Finally, the pixie Queen says, “This is a true story?  Your Clan-Mother just ran away?  She didn’t hunt down the raiders?”

Larrikan confirms this.

“No revenge?” questions the Queen, “No demand for reparations for your lost foxes?”

“We are not a fighting people, ma’am,” explains Larrikan, “we know this.  Why start a fight we know we will lose, when we can leave the problem behind us, and live happy lives?”

The Queen considers and says, “I can’t think of a good thing to say to that, when you put it that way.  But I know I would never let them live.”

Larrikan replies, “Perhaps the Shy Folk are too shy, and we let others push us around.  We do better when we have help.”

The Queen considers, and says, “You aren’t drive by revenge or hate much, are you?”

“No,” Larrikan replies.

“You are the only Shy Folk going to the University, correct?” asks the Queen.  When Larrikan confirms this, she asks, “Do you hate anyone there?”

“No,” confirms Larrikan, “I don’t hate anyone at the University.”

The Queen asks, “Everyone there loves you, and treats you with respect?”

Larrikan laughs, and says, “I wouldn’t say that.  There are a few who seem to quite dislike me.”

The Queen nods, and gives an extremely toothy, huge grin, and not a friendly one, and asks, “You don’t want them to die?  To hurt?  To see them pay for treating you badly?”

Larrikan looks uncomfortable at these suggestions, and says, “No.  I just avoid them.  Easier for everyone.”

“So, you’re harmless,” concludes the Queen, sounding a little aggressive.

“Pretty much,” agrees Larrikan.

The Queen bursts out laughing, and says, “That was supposed to be an insult!”

Larrikan just shrugs.

The Queen, still chuckling, says, “You’re not the angry sort, are you?”

Larrikan shakes his head, and says, “No.  Have I missed something?”

With a twinkle in her eye, the Queen leans down and asks, “No plans to raise a group of your giant friends and come kill all the pixies and burn our nest?”

Larrikan looks horrified and emphatically says, “No!  Never!  That would be horrible!”

When the Queen just looks at him, he adds, “Why would I do that, anyway?  I said I would come sing for you.”  He adds, “I doubt if I could find it, anyway.”

“Why not?” asks the Queen, “You know the forest pretty well.”

“We were flying!” answers Larrikan, indignantly, “I had my eyes closed!  It’s terrifying!”

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