Writing 2014-03-19



Larrikan finds this flight no more comfortable than the last, but manages not to be sick.  After a time that seemed eternal, Larrikan finds the flight has stabilized, and risks opening his eyes.

The pixies – taking Larrikan with them – are circling over a sparsely wooded area near a clearing.  A small group of pixies, the “hunters” have found some forest bison and picked a likely looking meal.

At no signal Larrikan can sense, all the pixies scream and dive towards their target.  Surrounded, it can’t tell which way the unnatural screaming comes from, and freezes for a moment.

That moment is all the pixies need to surround the hapless bovine and begin their attack.  The attack is simple; grab the beast, bite through the skin, and drink the blood until the animal dies.  Then, feast.

Larrikan finds himself slammed against the leathery hide of the forest bison.  He manages to grab hold and not fall to his death.  He looks over to see the pixie who flew him here has jammed her foot-claws into the skin for support, and used her hands and teeth to break the skin.  Having found and savaged a blood vessel, the pixie has pushed its face almost under the skin and is drinking deeply of the bovine’s blood.

Larrikan looks away, lest he go green again.  The pixie, having come up for air, sees the fox has no success, and says, “Here, fox!  Have some!”  Before Larrikan can object, the pixie has grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and helpfully shared with him.  He finds himself thrust muzzle first into a fresh wound, and plunged in nearly to his shoulders.

Against his better judgment he swallows several big mouthfuls.  About the time breathing becomes an urgent issue, the pixie pulls him out and says, “My turn!”  He finds himself, covered in blood, pinned to the side of a dying forest bison by the equally bloody pixie.  He hopes there will not be nightmares.

The pixie toting Larrikan feeds for a surprising length of time.  It is not too long before the blood loss from dozens of hungry pixies brings the big animal down.

When the blood stops flowing, the pixies, sated, fly off.  Their flight is slower, but still unpredictable.  Larrikan closes his eyes and hopes for the best.

The landing is fairly gentle, but Larrikan has yet to open his eyes when he feels the pixie land somewhat hard on him.  A second pixie had collided with the first and both landed on Larrikan.  The three of them are a sticky tangle of arms, legs, wings, and tail.  Larrikan wriggles to try and get free, but both pixies seem to be settling in for a nap, and Larrikan is stuck.


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