Writing 2014-03-12



Larrikan makes it back to his bed at very early in the morning.  Dawn is still a little way off, and he hopes to nap for an hour or two, but is full of energy.

He goes in to the shared bedroom very quietly, and makes it to bed.  He must have dropped off to sleep for a while, because the next thing he know is that he is being hugged enthusiastically.  The dawn light shows him Emblem clingling to him.

When she sees he is awake she whispers in his ear, “You were out all night!  I was worried about you!”

Larrikan responds, “Shh.” and tries to go back to sleep.

Adelin stirs and starts to get up.  When she sees Emblem clinging to Larrikan, she stops and does a double-take.  One of her roommates, clad only in a nightshirt, is clinging to the non-human roommate, who is starkers.  Adelin says, “I don’t want to think about this at this hour.”

Emblem says, “Yeep!” and jerks away from Larrikan.  Only his well-timed grab keeps her from falling off the bunk.

Eloise mutters, “You don’t want to think about what?” and looks.  She appears shocked, and gasps.

Emblem climbs down and says, “Nothing happened!  I was just glad he came back safe!”

Larrikan sits up and stretches.  All three girls manage not to stare.  He has apparently forgotten they might be bothered by his nakedness again.  He says, “That’s all that happened, yes.  I haven’t been here long.”  He beams cheerfully, and adds, “I didn’t get eaten!”

“See!” says Emblem as if that explained everything.

Eloise and Adelin both look lost.  Larrikan hops lightly down from his top bunk, and pads over to the closet to poke quietly through his slowly growing wardrobe.

Emblem says, “Larrikan went out last night, and it sounded dangerous.  I was worried, and relieved to see him back.”

At the confused looks, Larrikan says, “Yep!  It was dangerous, too.  Nearly got eaten by a bogle, then danced with nymphs, elves, and was rescued by some pixies,” explains Larrikan, “Then I came back here.”

At silence from the three girls, Larrikan shrugs, and comments, “Hope I have time for a bath before class!”  He pulls on pants, picks up clothes for the day, a towel, and scampers out.

There is a moment or two of silence after Larrikan leaves, then Eloise breaks it by asking, “So, how was it?”

Adelin listens expectantly.

Emblem gets a little red and says, “Nothing happened!  I was just glad to see him!  All it was was a hug!”

“A naked hug,” comments Eloise.  When Emblem looks like she’s going to get angry, Eloise adds, “Oh, come on.  You seriously expect me to believe I’m the only one who thinks he’s adorable?”

Adelin just grins widely.

“Oh,” Emblem says.  She adds, “He’s very warm.”

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