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Aykuh smiles and thanks Larrikan.  She says, “I’ll let you have your boy back,” to Haoys, who blushes.

Larrikan asks, “Before you go, would it be all right with you if I came back here and sang and played for people?”  He warns, with a grin, “There might be dancing.”

Aykuh laughs, and has stood up.  She leans over and kisses the fox on the top of the head, between his ears, and says, “Please do.”  She adds, “Your drinks are on me.” and heads back to her customers.

Larrikan looks quite self-satisfied and sips his drink, smiling rakishly at Haoys.

Haoys, for her part, is amazed.  She says, “Charming rogue, is it?”

Larrikan grins, and says, “I’ve been called worse.  Hope you can stand being seen with me.”

Haoys says, “Somehow, I think I will manage.  Especially if there is dancing.”

When they have finished their ale, Haoys says, “It’s getting late.  We should go.  Class tomorrow.”

Larrikan agrees, and they head out.  Aykuh waves at them and they wave back.

Over the next few days, Larrikan figures out a pattern to student life.  He goes to class, and often makes astute observations.  He does his shifts at the dining hall.  He spends time at the library, slowly learning to read.  And he plays and sings at the inns – he prefers Aykyh’s – to collect some coins.

After a week and a half of this, Larrikan is feeling like he has plenty of coin.  He goes in to town to talk to the tailor.

The tailor’s is a short, flat building, nestled between two giant trees.  It somehow reflects the tailor himself, who is a short, fat human.  Larrikan meets the man himself, right away, as the tailor is sitting on a tall stool, carefully sewing buttons on a shirt.  Larrikan can tell the tailor is an older gentleman by his white hair and stubble.  Larrikan is greeted with an intensely curious look and, “Well, hello there!  To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Larrikan introduces himself, and explains his need for clothes.

The tailor says, “You’re in the right place.  My name is Stuart, and this is my humble shop.”  With a twinkle in his eye, he adds, “Tell me what you want, and what you can afford, and we’ll see what we can do!”
They discuss clothes.  Stuart makes some suggestions Larrikan would never have thought of.  The idea that different tasks – studying, working in the hall, singing at the inn – might need different clothes surprises Larrikan, but seems true.

When it comes time to measure and try on, Larrikan disrobes without any qualms.

“Oh!” Stuart says, “You’re a dog fox!  I had no idea.”

“I’m sorry!” Larrikan says, “I’m not trying to trick anyone or make them give me the woman’s advantage!  It just keeps happening.”

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