Writing 2014-02-11



The vixen gives Ragna a long look and says, finally, “Why are you telling me this?”

With a smile, Ragna replies, “I would like to help my friend.  If you know Larrikan, perhaps you could bring him here tomorrow, two hours past dawn.”  After a moment she adds, “I could bring some of Jarrett’s cinnamon rolls to share.”

“We’ll see.” Is the reply, and the vixen vanishes into the night.

Bright and warly the next morning, Ragna and Coldwillow are back in that same little glade.  Ranga has a hamper full of food, and a jug of hot coffee.  This is required because Coldwillow is never a morning person, and early after a late night is not her way.  Coldwillow sits on the blanket Ragna brought, wrapped in a shawl and sipping a cup of the hot drink.  She hasn’t said much, but is not expecting much.  Ragna seems awake, cheerful, and confident.

Daylight has just fully claimed the sky when two of the Shy Folk seem to appear from nowhere at the edge of the clearning.  All Shy Folk are timid, but the dog fox looks like he wants to run away.  Only the vixen’s firm grip on his arm keeps him from darting off.

“Good morning, friends,” Ragna greets, “Come join us!  I have some fruit and cinnamon rolls to share.”  She busies herself taking things out of her bag and spreading them on the blanket.

Coldwillow opens her eyes and sits for a moment, surprised to see that not only has Ragna lured the Shy Folk out, but the fox who ran off yesterday has come.  She remembers the line Ragna suggested, and says it, “I am so glad you have come.”

Larrikan is horrified to see Coldwillow, and her greeting does only little to calm him.  He stammers, “I’m … I’m sorry the man fell … I tired to stop him … but he wouldn’t listen … and I was too small to keep the ladder from tipping …”  He runs out of words, but hasn’t run off.  The iron grip the vixen has on his arm might have something to do with that.

Coldwillow may be short on sleep, but she is not an idiot and realizes what is wrong.  She tells Larrikan, “You did othing wrong, and no one is unhappy with you.  Fray is an idiot and fell because of that.”  She pauses to see if it calms Larrikan down.

Larrikan simply looks astonished.

Coldwillow says, “I am the one who should apologize.  You came to me with a question, and I never let you ask it.  I am sorry about that, and really do want to hear what you had to say.”

When Larrikan hesitates, and looks nervously at the vixen, Ragna intercedes with baked goods, and moves off a little, with the hungry vixen, to let Larrikan talk to the wizard in private.




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