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Larrikan Leaves Home

The harvest Gather will start early tomorrow, this one just outside Karlstrasse.  Many people are working to set up for the large seasonal party.  This applies to the Shy Folk as well.  They are collecting in their family circle, somewhat away from the main Gather, secretively keeping out of sight.  They walk a pattern around their camp singing quiet charms to distract or confuse any who would disturb them, or threaten their precious cubs.

Four foxes arrive early.  The youngsters stop and greet the Elder who is already on hand and take turns, unasked, in patrolling the perimeter, singing the privacy chants and looking after the clutch of kits.

Larrikan is a young fox, just to adulthood.  This is the first season he has been able to travel without an Elder in his party.  He traveled with three others, Aedaith, Katlyrinne, and Sturn.  It didn’t take long for Larrikan and Aedaith to pair up, although not too seriously.  The two couple had a fine journey, and are happy to be at this Gather as adults.  The closer they have gotten to the Gather, the quieter Larrikan has gotten.

The day before they reached Karlstrasse, Aedaith pinned Larrikan down – quite literally – and demanded to know what was bothering him.  Only when she read his hesitation as unhappiness with her, and burst into tears did he finally tell her.  His quiet but insistent words, “I want to be a mage.” left her more shocked than the idea she had made him unhappy.

Nothing Aedaith, Kat, or even the usually quiet Sturn made the slightest dent on Larrikan’s determination.  It was Sturn who told him, “You’ll have to talk to your Elder about this.”

As soon as an elder for his clan arrived, he did just that.  The Elder for the Swift Folk – Larrikan’s clan – happens to be his Grandmother Iorwen.  Iorwen looks pleased to see the young fox until she sees the intense and serious look on hi sface.  She sits up from where she was unpacking and says formally, “What trouble do you bring to your Elder today?”

Larrikan replies, also formally, “Nothing that will dishonor or trouble our clan, Elder.”  Iorwen’s raised eyebrow and flick of her tail prompt him to add, “I want to be a mage.  I feel it in my very bones.”

The Elder traveling with Iorwen, a thoughtful dog fox called Dalach of the Trackers by the Snake Charmers says, “That’s a tall request, youngster.”

Err, a young fox traveling with the two Elders stares and blurts, “But there are no Shy Folk wizards!”

Larrikan looks hurt and worried, but Dalach says to the cub, “Not quite true, Err.  There just aren’t many.”  He adds, “Your Grandmother was a mage, wasn’t she Iorwen?”

Iorwen nods, considering, and answers, “Yes, she was.  Maybe it is about time for another.”  She looks at Larrikan and says, “Are you sure?  You’ll be stuck in one place for a long time.”  His certainty is clear, and she replies to his nod with, “Then go ask the professors at the Gather.  If you are sure, and they will have you, you will stay and study magic.”  Everyone who hears Iorwen looks shocked.

Larrikan responds first, darting in to give his Grandmother a crushing, joyous hug, and saying, “Oh, thank you!”  He immediately darts off to do so, before she can change her mind.

The stunned silence lingers, with everyone who heard it looking in shock at Iorwen.  She shrugs and says, “They’ll never let him stay.  There is nothing to worry about.”

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