Story 005: The Keys of Marinus

Original air dates April through May of 1964.

The Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and Ian wind up on Marinus, and are blackmailed into finding some “keys” needed to operate a planetary mind-control machine.  Hijinks ensue.

The serials were all neatly done, and pretty self-contained, and pretty watchable.  The Doctor took a more active role than he had been in some episodes, and was quite charming.

There were even some mind-controlling bug-eyed aliens.

Lots of mind control in the episode, and lots of places to think about what’s right and what’s not.  Also an episode that could lead to a discussion of different systems of law.  Pretty good science fiction, and actually meets the original goal to engage children and give them a chance for discussion, without being too heavy-handed.

The “good guy” who was trying to save the planet was just as much a mind-controlling bastard as any of the others.  They all got their own.


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