Quick review: The Dark Knight Rises

Saw The Dark Knight Rises with Mom and Dad. In short, very well done movie. I enjoyed the ending, which had a twist that caught me and then was satisfying. It left enough hooks for a sequel but doesn’t require one.  A satisfying Big Summer Action movie and conclusion to this Batman series.
The movie wasn’t perfect, as there were a couple parts that had fairly obvious flaws, but they didn’t bother me during the movie. I think Mom and Dad had a harder time with some of the timeline, which was admittedly unclear.

As before, I think their casting was excellent.  I wasn’t sure how I thought Anne Hathaway would do in this kind of film, but she handled it well.  The part was a little different than some other authors handled Catwoman, but I liked it.

I won’t say any more, lest I spoil it for someone.  I enjoyed it.

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