Road Trip Wrap Up

I got home last night from my long trip, safe and sound. The end of the trip had an extra hassle or two, but they are overcome and will only cost a little to fix…

I left Mom and Dads, and drove to Roseburg, Oregon without incident.  Stopped at a giant Motel 6 there.  It is good I made reservations, as they were sold out.  I didn’t care as I had reserved on the web before I left.  Had dinner there, discovered that a chef salad is a really low number of Weight Watchers points, and slept.  Got up, ate breakfast, and drove off, vroom!

Got to Yreka, California, where I always like to stop at the Black Bear Diner.  Stopped and had lunch.  When I got in the car to leave, I turned the ignition key and it broke off in the ignition.  Arrgh.  I went inside, and the people at the diner were very nice while I wanted for the locksmith.  There’s only one in Yreka, a fellow by the name of Jeffery Dobson, of Dobby’s Lock Shop.  He had the right tools to get the key out, and was able to cut one that would get me home.

When I got home, I managed to lock half the key in the car.  Had to call the roadside assistance people and get the car opened.  Waited an hour, then it took three minutes to open.  Pretty slick, really.  A delay I didn’t need, but harmless in the large scale.

Some unpacking, and some sleeping in my own bed.  My own waterbed, no less.  It was bliss, and I slept like a log.  Woke up and felt fantastic.

Today, I’m running errands.  Right now, I’m at a Mazda dealership, having new keys made and programmed to the car.  These new keys are expensive; don’t lose yours!  I’m having three keys made; a new valet key, and two new remotes with switchblade keys.  No more problems with keys for the RX8!

I’m home, and that’s good.  The trip was excellent, and I was really glad to see everyone… but it’s really nice to be home.

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