Linking to CPAN

All through these blog pages, I’ve been linking to CPAN modules I’m talking about so that it’s easy for readers to find them.  I knew I was linking to specific versions, but couldn’t figure out how to link to the latest version of the module.  I noticed the docs for Task::Kensho do it, and am going to start doing it too.

The secret is to use links like this:

The %3A are the URI encoding of a : so this goes to and searches for the module name automatically.  Neat.


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  1. brian d foy says:

    You can also use links such as

  2. Perl-Uwe says:

    And on you will also find these links in the upper right corner (“perma link”). On the distributions site or on the documation for a single module.

  3. Jakub Narebski says:

    You can also use link.

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