City of Heroes $ variables

In City of Heroes you can use a few variables in messages. They start with $ and will be replaced with the relevant text for your character. I never found a complete list. Here it is:

  • target
  • archetype
  • origin
  • name
  • battlecry
  • level
  • primary
  • secondary
  • supergroup
  • sgmotto
  • title1
  • title2
  • server
  • side

Sadly, “server” isn’t the name of the shard you’re on, but the IP of the actual mapserver handling your character right now.

One Response to “City of Heroes $ variables”

  1. Malohin says:

    /t <YOUR NAME>, archetype=$archetype, origin=$origin, name=$name, battlecry=$battlecry, level=$level, primary=$primary, secondary=$secondary, supergroup=$supergroup, sgmotto=$sgmotto, title1=$title1, title2=$title2, server=$server, side=$side.

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