Writing 2014-06-24

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Both dog foxes give feral grins at Aedaith, and approve of that thought. They search through the pixie killer’s possessions, and find nothing wholesome. Most of it winds up in the fire. The cart came apart while they searched it, and it too wound up in the fire, making it bigger and hotter.

Larrikan keeps one of the crates with six of the jars in it, to take back to the University and research. The rest are smashed and thrown into the roaring blaze. The corks and wax seals burn blue and smell terrible.

While this is going on, the pixies finish their snack and revenge, then fly off into the forest, hunting.

The foxes soon finish with the fey trapper’s possessions, and look to take care of the trapper’s remains. There aren’t many, as the pixies were angry. What is left is tossed into the stream, for the water to clean up.

Once that is done, the foxes clean up, then work the traditional Shy Folk chants for peace, safety, and health, cleansing the spot.

That done, the collect their packs and start the walk home. They camp that night on the same stream, and hope to catch some fish.

After they fish and scavenge, and are getting ready for the night, several glowing lights float out of the trees.


“Fox!” “Fox!” “You’re here!” “You saved us!” “Are you lost?” “We’re lost!” “Ooo, vixen!” “Fox!” “Did he catch you, too?” “What happened, fox?” cries the pixies, in a confused jumble of voices.

Larrikan laughs and says, “Hello, pixies!” He tells them the story of how they found and saved them.

The pixies are mightily impressed, especially with Aedaith’s thoughtfulness, and how the bogles are gone, too. Aedaith winds up with half a dozen pixies on her, all cuddling her fur and crooning at her. Frankly, they make her nervous.

The Queen Pixie thanks them all, clearly amazed someone helped instead of trying to kill them all. She asks Larrikan if he knows the way back to their tree, as they are quite lost.

He does, and will show them the way back. She is grateful, adding that they will probably have to find a new tree, but it will be good to do so in their home forest.

The foxes walk back to the pixies’ tree, where their tiny fey escort leaves them.

Larrikan waves as they walk away. Aedaith waits for them to be out of sight before she says, “How did you pull off making friends with pixies?” She shudders and adds, “Creepy little things.”

Bandé says, “Oh, they’re not so bad.”

Larrikan agrees, “They are good as gold once you get to know them. I treated them like friends and sang for them. They’re okay.”

The three return to Larrikan’s den. Aedaith is tired of being in one place for so long, and the two dogs try to keep her amused. They know she is worried about Feina, and only her return will soothe her.

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