Writing 2014-06-19

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Larrikan says, “Let’s go back to the dance for a bit. I might need a refill after that.”

They do. The crowd is smaller, but some are still singing and dancing. A couple of little jobs play for the thinning crowd.

The foxes are welcome on the dance floor – new partners when it looked liked things were slowing down! Bandé and Aedaith dance with everyone, but keep a close eye on each other. Larrikan also dances, soaking in more of the moon power he was afraid he used up. He is looking around for someone, but doesn’t seem to find them.

The music continues until the moon begins to set. The fey split up, each following their magic back home.

The three foxes make it back to Larrikan’s den with no more excitement. The three of them had been snuggling up indiscriminately, but tonight Bandé and Aedaith seem to stay away from Larrikan.

“I’m sorry,” he says, into the darkness, “I know I’m a strange, scary, loner fox now.”

There is a long pause, and then Bandé says, “You saved us both. You killed a monster with a dead monster. It was amazing and we should have thanked you.”

Aedaith says, “True.” She adds, in a small voice, “You killed a bogle by looking at it. That’s scary.”

“I didn’t kill it by looking at it.” Larrikan says quietly, “I killed it with magic, because it was threatening two of my favorite Shy Folk, and I couldn’t leave you to die. I would never have forgiven myself. Feina would never forgiven me, either.” Larrikan turns over, facing away from the two other foxes, and says, “I’m sorry I’m scary.”

There is a shuffling, as one of the other two foxes crawls out of the sleeping nook. Larrikan’s ears track the sound, but he stays still, until that fox comes up to him, on his other side, and climbs on to the edge of the blanket there. Warm hands push him towards the center of the nest, and the other fox.

When Larrikan moves over a little, towards the prone fox behind him, two more hands reach out and pull him in close. The fox who got out of bed snuggles in close on the other side.

Aedaith whispers in Larrikan’s ear, “Magic is scary. Being caught and almost eaten by bogles is scary. You are not scary.”

In the morning, Larrikan wakes up in the middle of a cuddly fox pile. Aedaith and Bandé both make clear to Larrikan that they are not afraid of him. Eventually, they emerge into the morning.

Larrikan prepares for a day trip. Aed brightens, and says, “Are we going somewhere?”

Larrikan tells her, “I’m worried about the pixies. I didn’t see any at the rade last night, and that is not right. I’m going to have a wander over to their tree to see what’s up.”

Aedaith says, “Okay!” and starts to pack.

Bandé asks, “Day trip? Better plan for at least one night.” and also packs.

Larrikan looks surprised, then grins, telling them, “You sure? Might be more scary magic stuff.”

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