Writing 2014-06-17

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Larrikan slept for most of a day, and spent the next day. Nobody seems to object.

[Ed: All that is after PC’s return from Belvengence. Sakura and Feina are nearby. Look up where Ael and Bandé are.]

[This should fill in while PC’s are on the quest to recover Alshain. Ael and Bandé are in town, Feina is with PCs.]

Aedaith and Bandé stay with Larrikan while the soon-to-be heroes are off on their quest. He tries to get them to leave for short trips, telling them, “The trolls will have to drive home, and they will have to come back. You have several weeks, at best. Go!”

They finally do, and leave Larrikan to his schoolwork.

The schoolwork goes well. Larrikan is now the most advanced student at the University, for magic at least. The two magic professors take turns showing him new things, and he finds them endlessly fascinating. They also begin having him grade student work.

Bandé and Aedaith return after only a month. Aedaith is worried about Feina, and wants to be there when she gets home. Whenever that is.

Larrikan looks at the nearly full moon, and tells them, “You are welcome to stay with me as long as you like, but for one worry.” He explains most of the issues with the Unseelie and the fey, hoping they will be frightened into going on the road again.

Instead, they say, “Don’t get eaten. Got it.” and plan to go to the rade.

Larrikan mutters, “Iorwen must be scarier than I am.” but takes them to the rade with him.

Neither Aedaith or Bandé are musicians the way Larrikan or Feina are, but both dance in the moonlight with other fey. Aedaith spins yarns for the fey, and most find the foxes entertaining.

As the night winds down, Larrikan collects Aed and Bandé. Aed is easily found in a little cluster of fey who are laughing at a silly story she is telling.

Bandé, however, is not so easily found. Larrikan collects Aedaith – no good finding one and losing the other – and goes looking. A naiad points them off from the main clearing, and Larrikan heads there, worried.

The path twists and leads away, still on the magic island but out of sight and almost out of hearing of the main clearing.

The two foxes step around a corner to find Bandé tied firmly to a tree. He trussed well, and gagged. Larrikan moves cautiously towards his friend, when he hears a, “Yeep!” from behind him.

He immediately darts back. This is good, as the clawed hands that lunged for him miss. A bogle steps out from behind the tree, grinning.

Larrikan shifts sideways, and can now see the bogle who snuck up behind them and grabbed Aedaith. She struggles and shouts, “Larrikan! Run!”

He jinks to one side, checking that there isn’t a third one when the onw who had grabbed at him, advancing slowly, says, “Yes, run, music-fox. You might live, but we’re going to eat your friends.”

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