Writing 2014-05-25

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On the way back to the Silver Egg, Vash stops to address the group.. He lets them know he can’t demand they help with this, and will understand if anyone wants to wait back at the Egg while the others try to recover the stolen shuttle.

The other crew members and Kawaii all support Vah.

Larrikan has mixed feelings – Shy Folk usually aren’t Heroes! – but tells them, “I think you are all very brave for being so willing to help.”  He swallows, then slowly adds, “I can’t know there’s a risk like this to my home forest and ignore it, so I must face it.”  He looks at Sakura, smiles and adds, “It’s easier with friends, too.”

This earns him a huge smile from Sakura and might make it worthwhile.

The next morning, the crew and Larrikan and Kawaii gather at the Silver Egg.  The others are waking slowly, so Larrikan reminds them, “It’s another day!  Think of what lies ahead!”  He grins, and uses his perfect performer’s sense of timing to add, “It can’t be as bad as yesterday!”

The others talk about what they will try to do to find their ship.  Some sort of scrying, using their big ship, and the Silver Egg itself.  Larrikan does not follow all the details, so he fastidiously eats a redberry muffin.  His main contribution to the conversation is to feed bits of muffin to Sakura.

At one point in the conversation, Zildjian reminds Vash that the Queen of the Fey believes in right action.

Sakura is politely reassured by this.

Larrikan agrees with the lamia, “Of course she believes in right action.  She’s the Queen of the Fey.  I don’t know how I would have said it, but that’s pretty good.

Zildjian tries to explain to Larrikan, “Ah know, Larrikan… but that’s somethin’ that just’ is so fo’ y’all heah.  It don’t work that way back on mah birth world.”

Vash pauses and asks, “Wait… The Queen of the Fey… are you talking about Titania?  An actual person?  Or is this something more primal, like the Wild Hunt?”

Zildjian grins as Larrikan and Aykuh stare in astonishment.  The big lamia hisses softly, “Lil’ respect theah, Vash, please?  Y’all talkin’ about their much-beloved queen… th’ reason this place is as nahce as it is.  And yeah, ‘course they’re both primal.  They’s both immortal.”

Larrikan blinks at Vash in astonishment, “Of course the Queen is a real person!  I’ve never had the honor of going to court and meeting her, but one of the Elders of my clan was there years ago.  It’s a strange place.  I don’t know that I’d like to go there… people tend to forget to come back.”

Sakura smiles at Larrikan, and tells him, “Sort of like this world to us.”

Vash nods, “Right, right, of course… Sorry…” and looks contrite.

Larrikan replies to Sakura with a winning smile and, “Their incalculable loss, m’lady.”  Vash looks impressed.

Sakura’s bright comment of, “Your gain.” nearly melts Larrikan’s heart, and he snuggles her happily.

Larrikan lets them go work their wonders, and goes to the University to get some class work done, as he thinks he’ll be busy with this upcoming trip to talk to the dryads.

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