Writing 2014-05-15

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Vash, the armadillo, does not die.  Larrikan is surprised.  The bit, armored guy is hurt, but lives.  It only takes a couple of weeks for him to recover, which is truly amazing.

Sakura spends those weeks working at the Silver Egg.  She learns fast, both what to do, and words for things.  By working with Zildjian, and listening closely, she begins to have some words to use.

Larrikan finds this delightful, and spends a little more time than usual at the inn, playing infectiously happy music.  This, in turn, make Aykuh and many of the visitors happy.  It could be said that Sakura’s presence makes a quarter of the town happier.

Before the big trip on the quest, the visitors want to take a day and go to their strange ship.  They plan to take Zildjian, and Sakura will stay to handle the inn.  This is fine with Larrikan.

When Douglas – the big cat – gets waylaid by trolls, plans change.  Hotspur will go, for some protection, and Sakura will stay with the group so someone can talk to him.  Larrikan invites himself along.  While everyone knows he mostly wants a couple of days to snuggle the vixen he seems infatuated with, no one can deny his woodcraft or travel experience.  Even the piglet is happy to have the Shy Folk if he keeps the vixen happy.

Just before they leave, Larrikan asks Sakura, “Are you going to wear your dress?”

Sakura smiles at Larrikan, ducking her head shyly, and says, “Certainly.”  She darts upstairs to change.  When she returns, the piglet is trotting beside her, proudly.  When Sakura returns to the main room of the in, wearing her local dress, Larrikan smiles at her and tells her, “Not only do its colors flatter you,” as he trails his fingers lightly over the ribbons at her shoulders, “but it is stitched against some of the unpleasant things in the forest.”

Sakura blushes, and gives Larrikan a little hug, “Thank you!”

Hotspur emerges from the kitchen, with a large bag.  He tells Sakura, “I think we’re ready to go now.”

The group heads out.  As it works out, they find Annifred and Douglas.  The two join the party.  Hotspur has plenty of provisions.

Larrikan has spent the morning walking with the group, playing cheerful wards on his recorder.  He keeps expecting Sakura to get the usual Shy Folk traveling spirit, but she never does.  Maybe she really is foreign.

Sakura translates for the group, which is helpful.  Annifred seems to embarrass Douglas easily.  Larrikan is impressed how important Sakura is to the group.

More walking, more conversation, and more recorder magic from Larrikan.  The walk is pleasant and uneventful.  The water hag does not make an appearance, but Larrikan does not know if it is warding music or Hotspur’s imposing presence.  It doesn’t really matter.

On arrival, the trees have moved to make a large clearing around the space the flying machine was said to be in.  Kerry makes a good effort at thanking the druids for their help.

Until it is clear their ship is gone.

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