Writing 2014-05-13

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Professor Djarlee finds the visitors, clearly recognizing them from the pictures and descriptions.  He hails them and waves the students over, telling them, “You were right!  This is excellent!”  All the students smile at the professor’s enthusiasm.

Even the Professor’s enthusiasm is derailed by one of the visitors talking to him.  Not only is it the black faced bat-man, hanging from the ceiling, which is odd enough, but he says, “Hey, babe!  Are you knocked up today?”

The Professor stops and looks somewhat taken aback.  He says, “I beg your pardon?”

When no reply is forthcoming, and Zildjian is repeating it in their own language, the Professor realizes it must be a mistake, and realizes he is getting distracted from the matter at hand.  He directs the students where to set up the equipment they are carrying, and talks to the honorable lamia, who can speak sensibly.

He asks her if she will help with the group translator, so the new visitors can all be greeted and perhaps translators made.  He is pleased when she is happy to help.

The professor misses the byplay between Larrikan and the visitors.  The Shy Folk smiles at the vixen happily, and she beams back at him.  The armored one gives Larrikan a stern look, clearly, “be good, you!”  The big cat seems a bit taken aback by Larrikan’s look at Sakura, and even more so by the smile she gives him in return.

The students and Zildjian pair up with the newcomers around the equipment they set up.  The big part of the equipment is a round table, with a large hemispherical crystal mounted on it.  Larrikan has never seen such a large scrying crystal, and wonders what the Professor has in mind.

Each visitor has a partner who can talk.  Larrikan easily winds up helping Sakura, who seems not to mind at all that he stands behind her rather closer than necessary.  She leans against him, and he rests his chin on her shoulder.  He places her hand on the crystal, and his next to it.  The two foxes are both quite content to wait for others to be ready.

Finally, the professor casts his spell.  There are some words – mostly mnemonic, to help get the right tones and cadence.  Larrikan’s singing is better.  He feels the power shift and flow around the crystal.  He is impressed with the spell, as it is efficient, pretty simple, and uses almost every aspect of the crystal.  And Larrikan would never have thought of doing it quite that way.

One of the last steps of the spell is to throw finely powered sage and salt over the lens and participants.  It removes impurities, and lets the crystal throw off it’s normal attributes and become a conduit for the desired spell.

Finally, the Professor speaks, and the reflections of the room fade, leaving text, “Can you all read?” in everyone’s language.

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