Writing 2014-05-12

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Larrikan plays the song to summon the path to the rade, and they hurry a little.  Sakura seems utterly enchanted, and follows briskly.  The piglet, too, keeps up, although Larrikan is not surprised by that.

They make the rade in time, and find it busy.  Music and dancing fill the magic island.  Fey of many types bask and dance in the silvery moonlight.

None consider interfering with the exotic vixen, as pixies flit about her.  She is oblivious of any danger, and lost in the magic.  She is happy to listen to Larrikan play for the crowd, and even happier to dance with him.

Her presence changes the rade.  Everyone who gets close to her feels better, and is more filled with Moon magic than usual.  It is noticed and appreciated.  Several of the fey, who might normally try to eat a Shy Folk are always happy to have the fiddler at the rade, and seem pleased to see he has brought a friend.

Sakura appears delighted, and dances happily, mostly with Larrikan.  The piglet gets a dance or two, as do a couple of groups of the pixies.  The rade may not be working its magic on her, but she is very happy.

As the moon sets and the fey disperse, Larrikan sings the way home.  Sakura is happy, almost giddy, and Larrikan sees her to Aykuh’s inn.  She is nearly sleep on her feet when she arrives.

Larrikan considers tucking her in to bed, and snuggling up with her.  A stern look from the piglet and recalling how Zildjian said the tough Aztekan and the big cat were looking out for her convinces him that maybe not.  He can’t explain himself if there is any misunderstandings.

Leaving Sakura to the piglet’s attentive care, he makes his way to his own bed, ready for it.  As he drifts off, he realizes there might be something he can do to help after all.

The next morning, a little shy of sleep but feeling good, Larrikan goes to class.  He is doing advanced study and assisting the Professors with more complex tasks, as a mage of his own right.  Coldwillow thinks he will be ready to take the Master Mage tests right on time.

As soon as his class work and assistant duties are finished, he goes off to find Professor Djarlee.

That professor, his usual short, slightly stout, bald head surrounded by white whiskers listens carefully to Larrikan’s story.  He says, “More people from Zildjian’s land, mmm?”  After a moment’s thought, he asks, “Can you find some of the other students who were there?  I would like to talk to them.”

Larrikan does so, and returns with Annifred, Marie, and the male artist.  Larrikan tells the Professor that Blue has gone to get her sketches.

The Professor asks the student’s opinions.  All think the new people interesting, and full of potential.  Blue’s drawings astonish the Professor, who says, “We shall go talk to the new people!”  He then deftly gives directions to pack a lot of equipment, and leads a procession to Aykchenhause.

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