Writing 2014-05-02

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Weeks turn to months, which turn to seasons.  Larrikan studies, works, and learns.  He goes to the rades, and he goes to the Gathers.  The allure of learning more magic drives him, and makes the risks of staying put worthwhile.  He still feels the pain of loneliness, but learns to ignore it and go on.

Three years after he started, he stands a graduation ceremony.  It was the second day after a Gather, and Coldwillow somehow got word to Iorwen and the other Elders without Larrikan knowing they would see the ceremony.  They are as thrilled as any of the proud human parents present.  The little group of Shy Folk is unusual, but welcomed.

After the ceremony, Larrikan is about to head back to camp with his kinfolk when Coldwillow catches up with him.  The Elders stop to talk with the respected mage.  She greets them, correctly by name and clan, and says, “Larrikan has finished the first part of his work here.”

“I thought he graduated?” asks Iorwen.

“He did!” Coldwillow replies, “And most are satisfied with the simple degree.  But I told him six years, expecting he would want to become a Master.  That is a second degree.”

Iorwen looks pained.  She says, “Must he stay here?  Travel means much to Shy Folk, and Larrikan has been here so long.”

Larrikan looks at Coldwillow and says, “There’s more to know?”

Coldwillow grins at him, and says, “Lots.  In three years, I can just about show you what there is to know.  After that, you have the rest of your life to learn the things you want.  If you stay here, there are others to work with.”

Larrikan immediately turns to Iorwen and says, “I am staying.  It will be all right.”

“I knew you would,” Iorwen says.  She smiles a bittersweet smile, and tells him, “You are an adult.  You get to choose your own path.”

The Shy Folk who have lingered the extra day leave the next morning.  Larrikan decides to find himself a place of his own to live, and spends the day exploring, with an eye towards building a den.

He finds a pleasant spot near a brook but on the side of a little rise.  A couple of venerable trees on the hill provide stability and shade.  He sniffs around to verify nothing dangerous lives nearby, or is using the location already.  He finds the local dryad – some of the trees on top of the rise are old enough to host a dryad, but she lives on the other side, at the edge of the glen.

A long, slow, and circuitous conversation lets Larrikan know that no, nothing much lives there, as it is a bit windy and exposed in the winter.  The dryad seems amused at the idea of a Shy Folk settling down, and gives her blessing.  She says she’ll be happy to see more of the bright and cheerful Shy Folk.  She adds, “I expect to play with your cubs!”

Larrikan promises her the chance, and starts to dig himself a snug new den.  It takes several weeks to dig completely, but he is happy with how it comes out.

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