New Year’s volunteering: 2013-12-31 06:09

Today is a big day.  Finish setup, clean everything, and get ready for the first batch of visitors at the midnight ceremony.
I could not sleep any more, so am up earlier than I needed to be.  Slept really well, I have just had enough.  I will get ready and head down to the shrine as soon as it opens up.
Several people have asked if I’m all right.  They know I live a sedentary life and see I’m working hard, and are concerned that I don’t hurt myself.  It is thoughtful.  I’m doing quite well, though.  I’m a little sore in the “hey, you worked hard yesterday” sense, and my feet are tired.  Nothing really hurts and I haven’t put my back out, even with all the bending, raking, and lifting firewood.
We’ll probably work our butts off until about 5pm, then rest (I shall nap!) until 10pm or so, then do some final setup and welcome people at around 11:30pm.
The long day will be tomorrow, with misogi at 7:00am, Chouhai as soon as that is done, and visitors from 9:30am till 5:00pm.
There are some more people coming today, who will stay through tomorrow.  I think we’ll have at least fourteen people.  Sounds like a lot, but we expect 2,000 to 2,500 visitors.
Time to get going!

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  1. Good luck, and it’s great to hear what a wonderful time you’re having! :)

  2. Frank Wu says:

    Hey there! Frank Wu here. (We met at Westercon in 2012.)

    I have a small favor to ask you – could you please email me ( or I’d really appreciate it!



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