New Year’s eve volunteering: 2012-12-29

Didn’t blog yesterday.  Fell over instead.  Second long day of physical exercise in a row.  Mostly raking.

Got up around 7:00am.  Sensei (I’m trying to get the honorifics right, has some personal ritual he does at 7:00am which involves taiko.  Sleeping late is unusual.  That’s okay because we had a lot to do, and only light to do it until about 4:30pm.
Jim-san and I raked the courtyard.  We raked out some untidy areas.  We were then asked to grade the driveway.  The driveway is long, steep, and full of potholes.  We graded it with rakes.  It looked great, though, and will be easier to walk down.
I feel like there was more, but all I recall now is the raking.
We also met another volunteer who will be back on the 1st, but I lost his name. Michael-san, maybe.
Jim-san ran back to his Seattle apartment, and the Barrishes left us to our own devices.  Steve-san and I went out to a nice little Mexican place in Granite Falls, and talked over dinner for a couple of hours.  I fell over pretty quickly when we got back.

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