New Cartridge

I have just discovered that the prior owner has put an entirely inappropriate cartridge on my “good” turntable. Not only did they use the cheapest one they could find – it is a Shure, but old and bottom of the barrel when it was new – they used a P-mount on a standard tonearm, which adds weight and made connecting it difficult.

So. Shopping for cartridges. This leads easily down the audiophile rabbit hole, and I don’t want to go too far.

This was, in it’s day, a moderate-to-nice turntable, not the pinnacle. It’s plugged into a vintage moderate-to-nice receiver. They match! :) Keep in mind that in the mid-1970’s, vinyl was more important than now, so even moderate-to-nice was pretty good gear.

I’ve had two solid recommendations for the Sure M97xE. It’s well regarded.

There’s also a Grado – the Gold -I’d consider.

In the end, I went with an Audio-Technica AT440MLa.  Well regarded and affordable.  My local shop was impressed with the sound, and said it went on easily.  I’m pleased with the sound too.

I also got a new stylus on the turntable I inherited from my Grandfather.  There’s a 78 stylus available for that cartridge, too, which is tempting.  It would play 78’s properly, with way less fuss.  We shall see.


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