Fix for Bowlfish 2.1 on a Soekris net6501

Bowlfish assumes that after it boots, the single hard disc in a system will be wd0a.  Not true on a Soekris net6501 when using a USB volume.  It’s sd0a.  You need to update /etc/fstab to mount / from sd0a instead of wd0a.  You can do that with a site.tgz file, or just mount and edit the disc before you boot.  Or mount -o rw,noatime /dev/sd0a /mnt on the booted system, make the change to /etc/fstab, and then mount -o rw /dev/sd0a.

Until you fix that, the ro and rw aliases won’t work, and any reference to the disc will get errors “mount_ffs: /dev/wd0a on /: Invalid argument”  Changing /etc/fstab makes it all work right.

I used an etc/fstab file in my site.tgz, as I already had a site.tgz I was working with.  I took the chance to bump up the size of my ramdisc while I was at it.

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