It’s a BLOG!

Many of my friends have suggested I set up a blog and write some things.  They’ve made this suggestion for some time now, and I’ve ignored them.  Well, they can all be happy as I have finally done something about it.

I did post some rambling “deep thoughts” on another web page, but they weren’t very organized.  Maybe I’ll repost them here, if they still seem interesting when I re-read them.  Other than that I’ve not bothered much with this new-fangled blogging thing.

What has finally gotten me to go to the effort of setting up a blog and maybe actually writing something in it regularly?

Two things.  One is Matt S. Trout’s blog post We Are Iron Man.  If he thinks one post a week will mean something, I think I can manage a post a week.  Some weeks I might even manage more!

The second is vanity, really.  I wasn’t going to set up a yet another  domain, but I realized that was available.  That’s the name I’ve done some of this work under, and it pushed me over the edge.  Shiny new domain name!  Yay!

I need to think of something to do with the main page, which is quite blank.

So!  Now I just need to write something Perly and then join the crowd.  Yay!

I probably will not just write about Perl.  It’s a whole blog, where I can write anything I want.  I do things besides write code, and they will show up here, too.  Tags and categories should help keep that clear.

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